BattleGrounds Player Tracker

About The BattleGrounds Player Tracker

1. What is it?
The BattleGrounds Tracker takes logs from The Battle Grounds and other Half-Life or Source Modification Dedicated Servers, extracts player information, and enters it into a database. The result is what you see before you. The site can be used to track player's activities, their aliases, their IPs and SteamIDs, and is an invaluable tool to keep track of cheaters.
2. Where do logs come from?
The logs come from The BattleGrounds League (BGL) match logs, regular server logs, and people like yourself. Anyone with FTP access to their server can help contribute to the BattleGrounds Player Tracker.
3. How can I add my own logs?
You can log remotely to the Tracker by adding these lines to your server.cfg file (or whatever default cfg file you are using):
log on
That's all you have to do! Your server will automatically log to the Tracker and it will take care of the rest.
4. Why are some results highlighted in a color?
Red: This means the player is a cheater. Specifically, it means the player's SteamID has been VAC banned by Steam.

Yellow: These are players banned from the BGL. Usually, BGL bans are cheat-related and often these accounts are linked to VAC Banned accounts by IP or other reliable means.
5. Who made this site?
I, Slash, coded and maintain this site. I also run the BattleGrounds League (BGL). Inspiration for this site came from the many TFC Trackers, but all the code that makes this site possible was made from scratch. You can find me in #bgl on GameSurge or QuakeNet IRC Networks.

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